Water Purification Systems in Cape Coral, FL

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Keep Your Water in Pristine Condition

Your water purification system is extremely important to your property in Cape Coral, FL because it allows your family, friends, customers, and employees to have access to clean water on a day to day basis. When your water purification system is not working properly, that is often a sign that it needs to be maintained. If you do not have a water purification system, we can provide you with installation services to keep your water in pristine condition. Our team is composed of industry experts who believe in providing customers with the most effective water purification services possible.

Water Purification

What is a Water Purification System?

Whether you moved into a home with an existing water purification system or purchased a business and would like to install one, it is important to understand what a water purification system is. Water purification systems, also known as a water filter, removes impurities from water. Impurities can be removed with a physical barrier, through a chemical process, or a biological process. Water purification systems serve a variety of purposes like making drinking water safe, cleaning pool or pond water, providing agricultural irrigation, and more. Water purification systems are essential because they work to provide clean water to your residential or commercial property in Cape Coral, FL.

How to Install a Water Purification System

At Affordable Air & Heat, we are able to install your water purification system in Cape Coral, FL with efficiency and professionalism. When installing your water heater, you need to call a professional to ensure that your water purification system will be able to work from the moment it is installed.

There Are Two Types of Water Filtration Systems

  • Point of Use Systems (POU) is generally installed in the rooms where water use is most present, your kitchen, or bathroom. They can allow for water to flow at a rate of half to one gallon per minute. They are easy to install and can be used for reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, and general water filtration.
  • Point of Entry Systems (POE), also known as whole-house systems, are installed where the water line enters your home or business. This type of system treats water throughout your entire structure. Just like POU systems, water treatment methods include reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, and general water filtration.

Water Filters

Both types of water purification systems offer lasting benefits that you can count on, and our team is standing by ready to install whatever system you need.

Maintaining Your Water Purification System

Just like any household appliance, your water purification system needs to be properly maintained to ensure it is providing you with clean water. At Affordable Air Conditioning & Heating, we are capable of sanitizing your system to make sure your water is never contaminated by buildup, debris, or any other harmful substances.

If you are interested in installing a water purification system or if you would like to have your current system maintained, call your local team of Cape Coral, FL professionals today, your family, friends, employees, and customers' health depends on it. Our professionals are always capable of performing these services with care and precision.